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Soviet Modernism. From: and To:’ is a constantly operating exhibition and educational project dedicated to Russia’s architecture in 1955-1985.

It combines a research project and a series of lectures by leading specialists finished by an exhibition. The constant exposition includes over 200 collection objects of soviet graphic production of the mid-20th century including rare exhibits: original brochures of the Brussels World’s Fair (1958) and the International and Universal Exposition in Montreal (1967). This section of the exposition explains architectural events of a bygone era. The modern part of the exhibition is an attempt to see the Soviet period of architecture through the eyes of the new generation. When researching and rethinking that epoch, students of the Faculties of Design and Architecture create stamps, author’s zines, and posters.


Stamps, labels, booklets, and badges from the collection of architects Aivar Mukhtarov and Anastasia Petrova.


Anastasia Petrova, architect, Head of TZAM Architects architectural bureau, Dean of the Architecture College of MKIK.

Yelizaveta Zemlyanova, artist, Dean of the Faculty of Design of IGUMO, supervisor of Days of Contemporary Art (DOCA) international festival.

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TZAM Architects architectural bureau

Institute for the Humanities and Information Technologies (IGUMO)


TZAM Group investment holding company